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Michigan Genealogy on the Web.
Family Tree Searcher
This is a free site that makes it easier for people to find family trees on the Internet. With it, you need to enter your ancestor's information just one time to search multiple sites for family trees.
New England Ancestors
Sponsored by the New England Historic Genealogy Society but not just for families from the new England area, this site contains a catalog of more than 200,000 genealogy-related books and more than 2 million histories and listings, as well as columns by historians and genealogists that can help with research.  Society members have access to more databases, but the library staff will happily answer any research-related questions sent to them via e-mail. 
Cyndi's List
Although not a database in itself, Cyndi's List provides something even more valuable: a searchable, constantly updated index of the URL's for more than 70,000 genealogy-related websites.  These are categorized by country and in some cases even by county and town. 
Run by Genealogy.com, this free site allows people to post queries according to surnames.  With any luck, someone will respond either on the site or by e-mail.  it can be a great site for beginners needing a leg up in their research.
Although ancestry.com is a subscription site, it offers its best databases free.  This includes the Social Security Death Index, which catalogs the last address for people who died after the mid-1960's an invaluable source for tracking living relatives.  

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented above is accurate; however, due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, some addresses may not be available. If you attempt to access a site and it is unavailable, please inform the webmaster . The Oakland Web does not endorse any organization, practice, publication or resource.


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