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We design web-sites using HTML, Flash, CGI & Java scripting. 
We can provide 360Virtual Tours for Realtors or businesses.
We can develop an e-commerce site with two or two-thousand products.
Be it big and complex or small and simple, we can do it!
Contact Us to quote your web-site or re-design project.


Small Business, Non-Profit and E-Commerce Sites

Circle of Life Nutrition
Marjie C. Andrejciw, MT (ASCP), MS, NC
Marjie specializes in chronic illness with an emphasis on autism by working toward resolving the underlying contributing factors instead of just treating the symptoms.  Simple website using CSS and a PHP calendar for events and classes.

Marjie's Gluten Free Pantry
Health Food Store in Fenton, MI which carries gluten and casein free products plus offers Food Co-op memberships. Eventually this site will have an online shopping cart and online ordering for co-op members.
Erdodi Maintenance & Event Decor
Main website for the five divisions under Erdodi Maintenance of Waterford, MI. The site features photos of their Holiday Decorations with Holiday Decor as well as photos of the tents they rent and party supplies.  The company also offers landscaping & lawn maintenance & snowplowing services plus sealcoating by Tuff Coat.

Lisa Marie Salon
Website featuring their Hair Salon and Spa in Waterford, MI.  Future plans for this website include online e-commerce sales from the exclusive products in the onsite boutique.

Cobane Studio ~ E-Commerce Site
Russell and Margaret Cobane, famous Michigan artists, now sell their artwork online.  View their current limited edition prints.  An e-Commerce site using Miva Merchant shopping cart. 

Dandy Blend ~ Herbal Coffee Substitute
First, this product is WONDERFUL.  If you have ever wanted to cut down on caffeine or were told to eliminate it from your diet, now there is a substitute that actually has health benefits!  Tastes like coffee but better for you. 

Feeney Homes of Bloomfield
Homes for rent to Automotive executives and their families that are relocated to the area from overseas.  Leases run between 2 - 5 years.  Site shows photos of homes and give specifications.
Bridgewater Builders, Inc.
Custom home builder located in Clarkston, Michigan.  
Local builders site which features his current homes for sale with 360░ Virtual Tours.  Builder portfolio in the works for showing custom design and examples of homes built.

Dibbleville Food Co-Op
Fenton, MI organic and natural foods co-op which is located in the original section of downtown Fenton, called Dibbleville.  Their website explains the benefits of joining a food co-op, has a members login page, PHP calendar of events which is updated by website owners.

Master Gardener Society of Oakland County
Official website for the Master Gardener Society of Oakland County, Michigan.  Informative site with gardening links, articles, access to the Roots & Shoots publication, and a great schedule of gardening events for S.E. Michigan!  Constantly updating gardening events on this site.

Crossings Royal Oak Home Owners Association
Website for the homeowners of a condo community in Royal Oak, MI.  Site features homes for sale, community information & links, association rules, etc.

People are always asking - "How much will it cost to design
a web-site for me/my company?"  The answer is, "It depends..."
There are several variables and options in site design, but as a guideline you can use the
following prices to get an idea of the cost.  Take into consideration the number of pages
you want your site to have and how many "bells and whistles".

  • Free initial consultation to determine what you want your site to accomplish and how to make that happen.
  • Conversion of your conventional advertising into a web friendly HTML format.
  • Custom graphic designs and image enhancements
  • Thorough testing of your site, pages, and links using various browsers and HTML code validation
  • Domain name registration
  • Web-site hosting
  • Promotion and marketing of your site
  • Site maintenance
  • Web-site "make-overs"
  • Social Media/Marketing
First Page (Index/Home page)
Site design, page
setup, layout, text insertion, contact info., e-mail link, navigation creation to all secondary pages and meta tags.
$250. (about - based on four hours design time as estimate)
Secondary HTML Pages
Page setup, layout, text insertion, contact info., e-mail link, text navigation at bottom
of all pages.
$175. each
(could be more or could be less)

All web sites include:
  • Up to three accent graphics per page
  • HTML code validation
  • Spell checking
  • Uploading of your web site to our host servers or yours
  • Minor revisions during project
  • Minor revisions after your review of completed project
    (excessive site revisions will be quoted on an individual basis)
  • Meta tag keywords and description insertion
    (you provide keywords and description or we can write them for you)
CGI or PHP Contact Form
20 fields or less
$50 /hour
Custom Graphic Design $50 /hour
Java Script $50 /hour
Photo / Graphic scanning
Includes minor enhancement/touch-up and optimization
(extensive enhancement and/or touch-up billed at $50 per hour)
$10 /scan

Text Pages
A page of text is generally defined as about one 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, 12 pt. size font, single-spaced, with 1-1/2 inch margins at top, bottom, and sides.  We don't get to technical about if your information is a bit more or less - it's just our way to define a "page" for quoting purposes.

Meta tag keywords and descriptions

Meta tag keywords and descriptions are inserted into the coding of your page(s) to assist search engines in the indexing of your web site.  We do not charge for the insertion of meta tags if you provide the "keywords" and "descriptions".  If you prefer, we can advise you as to what you will need to consider when writing your keywords and descriptions.   If you wish to have us write your meta tags, our fee is $50 to research and write a set of keywords and a description.

If you are interested in viewing other sites meta tags, just go to the "view" window while on any site and then choose "source".   The meta tags will be near the top of the document between the <head> </head> tags. 

Web Site Content
Our prices are based on you providing the content for your web site.  We will take your existing brochures, literature, manuscripts, etc. and assemble your site from the printed information you provide.   We do not write content for web sites or re-write from your materials - unless your content is really horrible - them we may make suggestions. 

Links Page
A "Links page" (a page that has a list of links to other relevant web-sites) is considered a "secondary page" and is billed as such. This is based on you providing the links that you wish to have on the page.   We can work with you and provide suggestions if you require assistance.

A deposit of 1/2 the quoted price (payable in US funds) is sometimes required to begin a design project.  Once the site is underway, hosting will be established and completed files uploaded for your review and to check the work in progress.

Several clients have come to the us telling horror stories of how they gave a "web-designer" money for a site - upfront - and then never heard from that person again and never getting what was promised.  It distresses us to hear these stories, and we hear them often. 

Even if you choose not to use our services, please NEVER PAY THE ENTIRE FEE UPFRONT!  Make an initial deposit, but make sure the site is live and hosted and to your satisfaction prior to the final payment.  Also make sure your domain name is registered in YOUR NAME and not that of the person or company designing your site.

The Oakland Web will NEVER ask you for the full quoted funds prior to job completion. 
We only expect the final bill to be paid when work is completed


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